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I guess the first thing is to decide on the diving code: BSAC or PADI. My personal opinion is that there is not much to choose between the two at this level. The club approach of BSAC provides a more mentoring than might be found in the more commercial PADI environment.

To make my mind up I will be:

  • Visiting the London International Dive Show at the end of the March 2011.
  • Talking to training organisations.
  • Comparing prices and offerings.

Then I’ll publish the findings/my personal opinion in the blog!

Cost will always be a major factor, so I have built a spreadsheet to compare organisations. This is very rough and ready and is provided as a guide only. I have taken the prices quoted on the School’s website. Incidental costs include training materials and certification fees. The spreadsheet includes a calculator, so you can work out your own fuel/travel costs.

To Download:

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