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Your own gear?

Investing in diving equipment is a pleasure. For most divers there is nothing better than trying out a bright shiny new piece of equipment. You can customise your own gear and get familiar with it. But perhaps the best reason for having your own kit is that it increases you diving options. Provided you have a suitably qualified buddy, you can arrange a weekend’s shore diving or hop on on one of the many charter boats operating off the South Coast. Read the rest of this entry »

Equipment – New versus Used


One of the best things about buying kit new is that it is (or should be) safe. For the inexperienced diver, having a Dive Centre, Resort or Instructor take you through the functions of various bits of equipment, advantages/disadvantages and organising training (particularly for DSMBs and Drysuits) is extremely valuable and gives piece of mind. And if the kit goes wrong there is always a warranty. However, this comes at a cost. For the experienced diver, or one with friends that can help, you can save about a thousand pounds. A new set of equipment: all the gauges, bells and whistles you would ever want will cost you about £1,900 new. The second hand cost will be about £790

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