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Choosing a dive training organisation

You will never know until you have signed up.

Yup, of course the really bad ones will be obvious. But frankly most competent dive operations are better than good: they are excellent. They have to be. Running a diving operation in the UK is an adventure in operational and financial management. Anyone who can make a success of training divers in cold soup (most UK dive environments outside of late July – September) is a star. There are very good reasons to learn (and dive ) in the UK. We have a wealth of wrecks, fantastic scenery and good facilities. But the James Egan Lane (Plymouth) on a weekend will never match the experience of the Thistlegorm (Red Sea). Read the rest of this entry »

Banyuls sur Mer

OK, so it isn’t a UK site but I’m on holiday so its being written up anyway.

This whole area is fantastic. It is where the Pyranees eventually fall into the mediterranian. So the underwater scenery is spectacular which, when added to the French attitude towards marine conservation, makes for some great diving. Read the rest of this entry »


Now, I’m not into inland sites: the sea is far more interesting, has tides, life and real wrecks. But it has to be said: inland sites fulfil a real need. They are good for very basic training. And Vobster is really well organised, had good variety, lots of interesting stuff and, importantly, good depth.

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