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Dive the Mulberrys

Plenty to see in Sussex

Just off Selsey Bill and lying in 10m of water, two remnants of WWII provide a great environment for UK marine life.

Boat and Shore dives will be available for members of all skill and experience levels.

Take a look at the life you could be missing:

One of the many remains of the Mulberry Harbours which were constructed in this area. After more than 60 years under the water this is now a wonderful reef approximately 60ms longs by 17ms wide. The North end is the best preserved and is covered in white and orange dead men’s fingers, various anemones and two patches of jewel anemones. As you tour round the reef you can expect to see schools of pouting, pollack, bass, wrasse, poor cod and bid. There is normally a large school of fish at the bottom of the shot waiting to greet you. You can also find conger eels, tompot blennies, gobies, crabs and lobsters in addition to seasonal visitors like the cuttlefish and lumpsuckers. Only 2.5 miles from East Beach with an average depth 10m. As the Mulberry is made of reinforced concrete which is decaying watch out for sharp spikes.

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