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Now, I’m not into inland sites: the sea is far more interesting, has tides, life and real wrecks. But it has to be said: inland sites fulfil a real need. They are good for very basic training. And Vobster is really well organised, had good variety, lots of interesting stuff and, importantly, good depth.

Things I like about Vobster:

  • Clean, warm changing rooms.
  • Reasonably well stocked shop.
  • Tables & chairs to write up logbooks after diving.
  • Quick, efficient air/gas fills.
  • Efficient staff and good safety arrangements.

Things I don’t like:

  • Is it worth the trip?
    • Argueably training is training and any stretch of open water will do. There are only so many times you can look at a purposefully suncken aircraft and gawp with wonder. So, if you are practising navigation, rescue (or anything else that requires 5 – 10 meters of depth and a reasonable amount of space) why drive 2 hours into the Somerset countryside? I am based in the South East and Wraysbury, although silty (good for challenging navigation) and shallow (10m max) is fine for most training scenarios.
  • Upper car park when it is busy. Lugging kit up and down the hill can be a pain (but good for working off calories).

So my advice (for what it is worth) is that Vobster is great, better than Wraysbury for an inland site but it is not worth the trip from London/South East simply if you want to check out/familiarise yourself with a new piece of kit or do some basic training: Wraysbury will suffice.

NB: If you live close to Vobster, then its your local inland site and ideal.

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