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UK Diving at its best!

This site is primarily for recreational divers who, for one reason or another, have yet to discover the pleasure of diving the UK’s South Coast.PADI Divemaster

There can be many reasons for wanting to dive the South Coast:

  • You may have learnt to dive abroad and believe there is nothing to see in UK waters.
  • You may have learnt at one of the UK’s inland lakes and decided that you are never going to dive in ┬áthe UK again.
  • You may have just moved to the area.

The fact is: between June and September diving in the UK isn’t just good; it’s fantastic. The water is warm (OK you’ll need a wet suit), visibility is generally good and there is tons to see: from Swimming with Seals off Lundy to searching for Seahorses in Poole, there is something for everyone. And for the marine archiologists our coasts are littered with exciting wrecks – wooden clippers lost in storms and merchantmen torpedoed by German U-boats. Diving in the UK is fantastic, accessible and fun. If you have just returned from abroad or simply want to keep your skills up to date before your next tropical adventure, get in touch.

We have plenty of dives programmed for 2012.

Digital Underwater Photography

Want to get all the skills and all the kit before you jet off to a tropical paradise? Our courses offer the PADI Digital Underwater Photography Speciality and much, much more. From dive planning though buddy briefing to actually takingphotographs, you’ll learn how to capture stunning images.

All courses are run in swimming pools and controlled open water environments, just to the West of London. Courses take either one or two days to complete depending on the level of your certification, after which you will receive your PADI Underwater Digital Photography Speciality.

Discover Local Diving

For PADI or BSAC qualified divers wanting to familiarise themselves with local conditions before organising their own adventures. The Discover Local Diving programme will introduce you to some of the best boats on the South Coast, some exciting wrecks or good shore dives. Click here to check availability.

Scuba Tune Up

Want to get dive-ready for your next holiday? Not too interested in jumping into an inland lake? Scuba Tune up is for you: we will refresh your skills and take you on a local tour: why not combine your tune up with a boat or wreck dive: the very best way to get the most out of your diving.

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